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 Merlots chokladtårta

  • December 31st, 2005
  • 9:31 pm

100g hasselnötter
100g Marie chokladkex
1 msk kakao
3 tsk farinsocker
(1 msk rom)
30g smält smör
40g smält mörk choklad

200g mörk choklad
30g smör
1 1/4 dl ovispad vispgrädde
3 äggulor
2 ½ dl vispad vispgrädde

Tillbehör: Färska frukter och bär

Samtliga botteningredienser mixas i en matberedare till en smidig deg.
Tryck ut i en pajform, ca 24cm diameter, tryck upp på sidorna.
Ställ kallt tills degen är fast.
Smält choklad, smör och grädde i kastrull på låg värme och rör till en blank och smidig smet.
Ta den av värmen och tillsätt äggulorna en i sänder under kraftig vispning.
Låt kallna och vänd sist ned den uppvispade grädden med en metallsked.
Slå smeten i kakbotten och ställ kall tills fyllningen stelnat.

 The role of almonds in Swedish marital trends

  • December 30th, 2005
  • 9:35 pm

The role of almonds in Swedish marital trends

Mikael Johansson, Susanne Vejdemo


In this paper, we investigate the Swedish folkloristic belief that almonds in the Christmas rice porridge will lead to marriage. We offer a falsification of this hypothesis.
Keywords: Christmas traditions, almonds, porridge, marriage


One old folk tradition in Sweden is to eat rice porridge on Christmas Eve. Normally, the porridge is served with a single shelled almond stirred into the porridge. Whoever bites into the almond is supposed to make up a rhyme immediately, and also is believed to marry soon – sometimes said to be before the year ends, or during the coming year.
In [1], an information page from Skansen, a renowned open air museum focusing on Swedish culture and traditions, the following is said about this belief:
“Förr i tiden la man ofta en mandel i gröten och rörde om så att den blev gömd i den fina gröten. Den som fick mandeln sa man skulle bli gift under året.”
”In earlier times, an almond was often put in the porridge and stirred in so that it would be hidden in the nice porridge. Whoever got the almond was said to be married during the year” (translation by the authors)

 Calligraphy before christmas

  • December 23rd, 2005
  • 8:52 pm

I sat down and started my calligraphy again recently. A few of the things I’ve done have not been saved for posteriority, but a few of them have been scanned and are available for display.

All images are clickable for the full version.

First, a sampling of the inks I had accessible at the time.

Calligraphy sample 1

Then, a christmas gift poem dedicated to my fiancée’s cousin

Calligraphy sample 2

And finally, a christmas gift poem dedicated to her younger brother

Calligraphy sample 3

These images were extracted from the pdf file produced by the scanner. For high-resolution images, please check the original scan.

 EU Parliament clubbing Big Brother light

  • December 15th, 2005
  • 12:33 pm

Since roughly september, a resolution has been making its way through the EU bureaucracy to institute mandatory storage times for, among other things, internet traffic logs with ISPs. Throughout the discussions, the image has been coming through that the resolution would in endeffect require ISPs to log more or less everything a user does, requiring insane disk volumes for the logs and infringing exceedingly on personal privacy.

The resolution, as it ended up, is actually less panicky than it could have been – somewhat surprisingly. I’m reading the changes instituted by the parliament during the first reading and acceptance of the resolution. They include addition of, among other things, the following text blocks

In particular when retaining data related to Internet e-mail and Internet Telephony, the scope may be limited to the providers’ own services or the network providers’.

making the ISP responsible for their own services, but not for connectiontracking outside their own services.

 New directions!

  • December 6th, 2005
  • 6:02 pm

The byline is probably the most basic motivation for the blog. I want a place to write where I can expound upon themes I don’t write in my LiveJournal – where I write articles rather than notes, where I publish creations I happened to make (I’ve started calligraphy – expect to see scans coming) and which I can customize to a higher degree. (Anybody tried to write mathematics in LJ? With the LaTeX plugins to WordPress blogging maths goes like a dream!)

I hope I will also actually gain a reader or two. Probably should get a technorati tagging plugin running to get this off its feet too – but that’ll have to wait a bit.