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Michi’s blog » iTeX2MML not activated

 iTeX2MML not activated

  • April 6th, 2007
  • 2:26 pm

I just tried installing the iTeX2MML plugin from Jacques Distler. This is what the n-Category Cafe use for their mathematics, and it gives a neated display than the LaTeXrender plugin I’ve been using so far.

It turns out, though, that
1. The plugin jumps on quoted perl code, interpreting it as mathematics. Bad things ensue.
2. It needs valid XHTML, which has not been a priority so far – and trying to validate it, the validator chokes on the &’s in my LaTeX array expressions for LaTeXrender.

Oh bugger. No iTeX and MathML for me.

2 People had this to say...


You could always use Tidy to make your code valid. That would take care of point #2.


I actually rather like the $latex \TeX$ renderer that WordPress has installed by default. The one Baez &co. run doesn’t produce much that’s readable by Safari.

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