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Michi’s blog » Carnival of Mathematics 10

 Carnival of Mathematics 10

  • June 15th, 2007
  • 2:49 pm

Is now up at Math Notations. The current host further suggests a split in undergrad+ and undergrad- categories – with the simpler and didactics focused posts in one carnival and the research and/or advanced mathematical posts in another. Personally, I think the momentum the carnival has is a good thing, and that a split should wait until we habitually turn away more posts than we’re comfortable with. This volume is not yet actually there – wherefore I’d be against a split.


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Thanks for the quick reference to today’s Carnival. I made an error in the link to your posting which I have now corrected (thanks to Denise!).
I agree, the volume isn’t there yet. Another thought down the road would be to have a Carnival of Math Education separate from the Carnival of Math. This might actually make more sense than by grade ranges. My blog, MathNotations, is far more focused on math ed than pure math (or applied for that matter). Just a thought…
Dave Marain

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