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 Checking email 4000 times a day

  • November 20th, 2007
  • 6:12 pm

In a recent column at The Chronicle of Higher Education, the columnist writes

I’m a latecomer to it, in part because I have a very hit-or-miss interest in new technologies. (I still don’t own a cell phone, for example, though I check my e-mail 4,000 times a day.)

Now. There are 24 hours in a day. 1 440 minutes. 86 400 seconds. Thus, checking e-mail 4 000 times in a day would require you to check your inbox every 21.6 seconds. Day and night.

Either the author is innumerate or hyperactive.

 Comments temporary disabled

  • November 19th, 2007
  • 4:41 pm

Due to a spectacular spam storm incited by being unreachable from the webserver, I have decided to globally shut off commenting for the time being.

This should be a temporary state, and I hope that the akismet issue solves itself soon.

 High school topology restarting

  • November 16th, 2007
  • 4:34 pm

Today, I told my two bright students about abstract and geometric simplicial complexes, about the boundary map and the chain complex over a ring R associated with a simplicial complex Δ, and assigned them reading out of Hatcher’s Algebraic Topology.

The next couple of weeks will be spent doing homology of simplicial complexes, singular homology, equivalence of the two, neat things you can do with them; and then we’ll start moving towards a Borsuk-Ulam-y topological combinatorics direction.

I might end up pulling combinatorics papers from my old “gang” in Stockholm on graph complexes, and graph property complexes, and poke around those with them.

 Beef sous vide

  • November 12th, 2007
  • 12:34 pm

I tried out an idea from Khymos recently when inviting a bunch of friends over for a party. We took six slices, about 1100g, of beef entrec