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Michi’s blog » AMS and are made of awesome

 AMS and are made of awesome

  • June 11th, 2008
  • 11:36 am

I like the Mathjobs website that AMS are running. It’s a good source for math jobs, and seems to have just the right selection for me to get interesting stuff out of reading it.

Now, in a post just a day or two ago, Ben Webster of the Secret Blogging Seminar called for RSS feeds for the Mathjobs listings.

Imagine my surprise – and probably that of most the readers of the Secret Blogging seminar – to see, the day after posting, the following reply from Diane Boumenot at the AMS:

Hello all. First of all let me say, thank you for the kind words. Also, if you want to send suggestions to Mathjobs.Org, that can be easily done through the web site. However, thanks to Google Alerts and a willing programmer, your request has been received and acted on. As of this morning you can get an RSS feed through the View Jobs page of the Mathjobs website.

Thanks for the suggestion. Thoughts/ideas are always welcome. I will pass the one about Current Publications along to the publications division.

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You thought you were surprised? My initial reaction was that it was probably a practical joke.

  • Michi
  • June 11th, 2008
  • 15:40

Yeah, I can see how that idea pops up quickly. However, seeing as they actually -did- implement the functionality it doesn’t seem to be.

Pure awesome.

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