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 Another kind of sports reporting

  • February 23rd, 2010
  • 8:08 pm

Inspired by John Allen Paulos, who just now tweeted

Obvious, but NBC hasn’t said: Canada, Norway, Germany way ahead of US in Olympic medals per capita. Many ways to rank: Cf. Arrow’s theorem.

I decided to redo the medals list. Here, the number of medals per capita among the top countries.

Country Gold/capita Silver/capita Bronze/capita Total/capita
Norway 1.23E-06 6.17E-07 1.03E-06 2.88E-06
Austria 3.58E-07 3.58E-07 3.58E-07 1.07E-06
Slovenia 0 4.87E-07 4.87E-07 9.74E-07
Switzerland 6.43E-07 0 2.57E-07 9.00E-07
Latvia 0 8.90E-07 0 8.90E-07
Sweden 3.21E-07 2.14E-07 2.14E-07 7.49E-07
Estonia 0 7.46E-07 0 7.46E-07
Slovakia 1.84E-07 1.84E-07 1.84E-07 5.53E-07
Croatia 0 2.25E-07 2.25E-07 4.51E-07
Netherlands 1.81E-07 6.03E-08 6.03E-08 3.01E-07
Canada 1.47E-07 1.18E-07 2.94E-08 2.94E-07
Czech republic 9.51E-08 0 1.90E-07 2.85E-07
Germany 8.56E-08 1.10E-07 6.12E-08 2.57E-07
Belarus 0 1.05E-07 1.05E-07 2.11E-07
Finland 0 1.87E-07 0 1.87E-07
Korea 8.04E-08 8.04E-08 2.01E-08 1.81E-07
France 3.06E-08 3.06E-08 6.11E-08 1.22E-07
Poland 0 7.87E-08 2.62E-08 1.05E-07
Australia 4.51E-08 4.51E-08 0 9.02E-08
USA 2.27E-08 2.59E-08 3.24E-08 8.10E-08
Russian Federation 1.41E-08 2.11E-08 4.23E-08 7.75E-08
Italy 0 1.66E-08 4.98E-08 6.64E-08
Kazakhstan 0 6.34E-08 0 6.34E-08
Japan 0 7.85E-09 1.57E-08 2.35E-08
Great Britain 1.61E-08 0 0 1.61E-08
China 2.25E-09 7.49E-10 7.49E-10 3.74E-09

(Data taken on February 23, from the current state of olympic medals achieved at that date, and from the Wikipedia page listing populations of the nations of the earth, taken the same date)

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What about number of medals per athlete-sent-to-games? That might be even more interesting.

  • Michi
  • February 24th, 2010
  • 20:19

Quite! Go ahead and compute that – I’d be intrigued as well.

  • mzl
  • March 12th, 2010
  • 13:52

Another way of reporting medals is given at Mike Tricks blog. Given all sensible weight-schemes for the medals, in how large a part of them did Canada win? (The answer, 45.25%)
Combining these two results together would be fun.

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