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 Site tweaks and travel plans

  • November 12th, 2008
  • 8:33 am

I’ve tweaked the layout of my blog a little bit. Among the more notable additions to it is the little box with a list of the major travel plans in my future.

This box is connected to a Google Calendar, public, and maintained from my normal calendar program, in which I plan to announce travel dates for any major trips I make as they come up.

Note that currently stored in this calendar are:

  • Ypsilanti, MI, November 13-24 2008
  • Millersville University, Lancaster PA, December 10-19 2008
  • Christmas, Stockholm, Sweden, December 19 2008-January 4 2009
  • AMS MAA Joint Mathematics Meeting, Washington DC, January 4-9 2009
  • DARPA Topological Data Analysis, Santa Barbara CA, January 21-23 2009
  • AMS Southeastern Regional Meeting, Raleigh NC, April 4-5 2009
  • Operads thematic school, Luminy, France, April 20-25 2009
  • Operads international conference, Luminy, France, April 27-30 2009

 Tour dates

  • March 6th, 2008
  • 10:57 pm

Edited to add Galway

I’ll be doing a “US tour” in March / April. For the people who might be interested – here are my whereabouts, and my speaking engagements.

I’m booked at several different seminars to do the following:

Title: On the computation of A-infinity algebras and Ext-algebras

For a ring R, the Ext algebra Ext_R^*(k,k) carries rich information about the ring and its module category. The algebra Ext_R^*(k,k) is a finitely presented k-algebra for most nice enough rings. Computation of this ring is done by constructing a projective resolution P of k and either constructing the complex Hom(P_n,k) or equivalently constructing the complex Hom(P,P). By diligent choice of computational route, the computation can be framed as essentially computing the homology of the differential graded algebra Hom(P,P).

Being the homology of a dg-algebra, Ext_R^*(k,k) has an induced A-infinity structure. This structure, has been shown by Keller and by Lu-Palmieri-Wu-Zhang, can be used to reconstruct R from
Ext_R^{\leq 2}(k,k).

 Calling all San Diego participants and Californians

  • December 20th, 2007
  • 1:51 pm

I’ll be in San Diego for the AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 5-11. I would be happy to meet up with cool people, blog readers, blog writers and what not – regardless of whether you actually will participate in the meeting or not. Drop me an email (contact data in the [about] page here) and we’ll coordinate something.

Also, I’ll be speaking twice. Come listen – if you dare. ;)

 Settling in in Sydney

  • September 18th, 2007
  • 2:26 am

No mathematical content today. However, I do note that the mathematics department in Sydney is located in a building as drab and boring as the Stockholm University main building. Its main architectural feature is the pale, washed out blue panels on the upper parts of the hollow concrete slab.

Just a short way away, though, we find the Quadrangle – a cathedral in the religion of learning, and the main building of Sydney campus. Complete with stained glass windows and stucco heraldic designs, all dedicated to the branches of scholarship.

Alas, the splendour suffers slightly from the extensive road construction work, which has just about managed to fence in and tear up almost all the tarmac in this corner of campus.