Blogging seminars - a new fad!

They simply do not end. Now, Cornell grads and pre-grads have started the Everything Seminar - which has absolutely brilliant discussions about the forbidden minor theorem in graph theory as well as a fascinating overview over constructing homological algebra as embedded in the theory of modules over [tex]\mathbb C[\epsilon]=\mathbb C[x]/(x^2)[/tex].

Connected to this comes the observation that by constructing calculus using the tricks used in synthetic differential geometry, we end up with - again - modules over [tex]\mathbb C[\epsilon][/tex], and some very fascinating discussions are sparked as to subtle and interesting connections between these two viewpoints!

How on earth I am going to keep up with the interesting sprouting discussion group blogs I shall never know. Maybe it's getting to the point where we'll start an [tex]A_\infty[/tex]-blog?