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  1. Itinerary for the Summer

    A few things that may interest people.

    1. I'm going on the job market in the fall. I'm looking for lectureships, tenure tracks, possibly 2 year postdocs if they are really interesting.

    2. I'm very interested in adding visits, adding seminars, adding anything interesting to this itinerary ...
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  2. [MATH198] Multiple lectures posted

    I have been remiss in updating here. Since the last time I posted, I have posted:
    Lecture 6, featuring some interesting limits and colimits, culminating in the introduction of adjoints.

    Lecture 7, featuring the introduction of monads based in adjoints, with the connection between the monoid of endofunctors and the ...

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  3. [MATH198] Lecture 5 is up

    And, as it turns out, my logic-fu is lacking. Next time around, it's likely I talk about the CCC = typed λ-calculus correspondence, but won't try to actually produce the correspondence explicitly.

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  4. Guess the plots!

    What do these depict?


    Here are two others. Different data source, different point in time, but what are they?


    They are all linked in pairs - one coloured and one black linked together. They are not sports related. And they are taken from real world data. The colours are relevant and ...

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  5. Picking fights over religion

    I suspect this will be a flame war magnet. On the other hand I feel compelled to write it.

    First a bit of backstory. My wife enjoys, often and with engagement, discussing theology with her new friends. One of them, a pentecostal christian, gave her the book I don't ...

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  6. The end of the line

    And a new beginning.

    We seem to be a whole crowd finishing our PhDs all at the same time: pozorvlak, Gooseania and I. While my blog started as inspired by Gooseania, I won't close it just because I'm done. I'll continue blogging my Postdoc years, and hopefully ...

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  7. Thesis written

    In a mean push, these last two weeks my advisor has read three different drafts of my thesis. And I've worked on getting the corrections in quickly. The last push started yesterday, when I got a bunch of corrections in the morning, had the last draft ready at 4pm ...

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  8. Still away

    However, I am enjoying the Scottish countryside and just - today - turned [tex]3^3[/tex] years of age.

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  9. In-between times

    These are the times that eat my productivity. The times that ensure that entire days go by and I afterwards feel nothing have happened at all. These times that are too short for productive work - where I know from the beginning that I cannot sit down and do something - too ...

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