In-between times

These are the times that eat my productivity. The times that ensure that entire days go by and I afterwards feel nothing have happened at all. These times that are too short for productive work - where I know from the beginning that I cannot sit down and do something - too little time for reading, for coding, for writing, for .. well .. anything. And yet, while trying to get through them, they are obviously too long. An hour here, an hour there, interspersed with lunch, then coffee, then a seminar, and all of a sudden out of an 8 hour workday, the only vaguely productive thing that got done was hearing the seminar.

Fragmentation kills my productivity. With a fragmented workday, I have the time available neatly chopped up in pieces of free time that fall in-between. That are too short, but yet cover almost the entire workday.

And I end up reading programming.reddit until I can find nothing noteworthy anymore. And I prowl my blogroll, annoyed at the lack of updates since an hour ago. Or worse: I sit down and try to convince my Emacs that ` is a bad key for the LateX-math-abbrev-prefix, and try to tell it that it should use