Weekly Report: Mathematics makes my ears bleed

I'm back in Jena now. The last week was spent working myself to the brink of unconsciousness trying to grasp homotopical algebra, simplicial objects, model categories and any and all things Alex sent my way. With some 6-8 hours each day spent on lectures and discussions explicitly held to enable me to understand what was going on, I ended up being halfdead from the mental exercise.

In addition, since I was back in Sweden, outside lecture times was spent almost exclusively socializing in one way or another. Meeting friends. Shopping. Watching movies and spex. And then top it off with an endlessly long trip back.

But that all has a slight feel of old cake to it right now. In the three days since I got back, I held an examples class (including some spots that I didn't master myself when working through them.... eeeek!), I looked at two apartments, I decided to rent one of them, I took responsibility for the presentation for the department seminar of the Yoneda splice product and the equivalence between Yoneda splices and the cup product on cohomology, I worked myself crazy on the presentation, I met with my new, nice and shiny Ars Magica group, went to the movies (Ice Age 2. Good - even in German), shopped and got myself a new insurance.

The new apartment (signing the contract next week) is gorgeous. It's a small studio apartment literally two blocks away from my office. It's prefurnished, with everything I'd need and then some; it's aDSL-capable, it's large for its size, and I have only businesses as neighbours (yay! loud music!). I'm happy!

My office (blue) and my new apartment (purple) in Jena
The blue dot is the location of my office; and the purple dot is where my new apartment is at.