About this blog

I use two blogs to spew my writings out in the world. There is my LiveJournal and there is this blog. On my livejournal, you'll see memes, personal life observations, silliness, intimate thoughts and generic communcation of ME! ME! ME! HERE I AM! WATCH ME! I'M HERE AND JUST WAITING FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

Not so here. I created this blog inspired by Andart and Gooseania and the tendency among math-y bloggers to write PhDiaries. I want this to be the place where you read serious writeups about things that interest me. Thus, the blog contains recipes, mathematical expositions, political rants - but throughout it contains things that are more thought through than that what comes into my LiveJournal.

About the author

I'm a mathematician by education and by passion. I was born 1980, and at least since 1984 I've been solidly on my way to an academic career. By now, I possess a M.Sc. in pure mathematics, with homological algebra in my thesis. After a 10 months long "sabbatical" since June 2005 as a cryptography expert and security software designer at Teleca Systems GmbH I just finished my doctoral degree at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universit