AMS-MAA JMM 2008 Liveblogging, day 3

The day started bad. I overslept, went to the convention center, and realized that I had forgotten my badge. Back to the hotel, and then back to the convention center. By the time I got there, the first talk I wanted to hear - one on a generalization of Kuratowski's theorem to simplicial complexes - was already over by the time I got there.

So instead, I learned beading. I did two prototype versions of small and neat little Borromean rings in golden seed beads and blue, shimmering bugle beads. The SF fan / knitter / crafter who taught me was busy doing earrings in the shape of torus knots. Gorgeous. She has a plan for doing triple torus knots (solid spirals with bugle - seed - bugle - seed - bugle - seed) interlinked like Borromean rings.

I held my own talk just after two talks on using computer-assisted proof techniques for game theoretical analyses. The guy talking argued for beautiful programs being more important than beautiful proof, which gave me a great hook-in for my own talk.

And at least one guy was seriously interested in Haskell, partially due to my own talk.

I also met one of Ron Umble's students. Gonna sit down with him tomorrow and talk computation of A-infinity with him.

I had a plan for meeting bit-player, and maybe, maybe virtualcourtney, in the evening. However, bit-player had to be present for the premier showing of a new documentary about the US IMO team. So I went there too, watched the movie, btu couldn't find bit-player.

So I drifted in the general area, and got pulled into a town meeting for the network. They were collecting issues young mathematicians need adressed, and ended up pushing me for issues as well.

After all this, I was set to go home and crash in bed.

However, as I stood, waiting for a red light to switch, someone next to me ask me "Are you a mathematician?" and then promptly invited me for dinner. Irish pub. Guinness. Talisker. And really good Guinness beef stew rolled in a pancake. And a marvelous chat. The two guys that invited me out are running a tenure-track job search, and had a LOT of really cool things to talk about. And they digged a lot of my various thought, and came with marvelous feedback on my CV and how to read the reactions I've had on my application material so far.

All in all, the day has been a blast.