Monthly Report: Conference summer draws to an end

I haven't really been updating much here - and especially not the category Weekly Report. Slowly, it's time to get around to it.

Now, there is a specific reason updates have been slow: I've been travelling. A lot. With very varying internet access and even more varying energy to spare for writing. It all started with two weeks of vacation in Sweden - spending time with my lovely fiancee, meeting old friends, and generally relaxing. She proposed (of sorts), and we're getting married next summer. After the vacation, I went to Leeds, to the Triangulated Categories workshop, and then back home to Jena - only to go off again within just over a week, for the First Copenhagen Topology Conference, tightly followed by a master's class in Morse theory lead by Ralph Cohen, and a simultaneous workshop on Morse theory and string topology.

The Copenhagen stay ended in neat symmetry with my fiancee joining me and the mathematicians in Copenhagen for my birthday celebrations, and I just about got back home and my life back in order when I'm writing this.

The time between has seen both the frustration of feeling incapable to begin thinking of mathematics again as well as the realization that thoughts about my research problem show up spontaneously. Not that the thoughts have lead to very much yet; but at least all that time in lectures I couldn't understand wasn't wasted.

It's growing late. Weekly report updates will resume.