Papers status

I just received my first ever referee's report. Yikes!

Suffice to say, the report did not, as some I've seen blogged about, tear me a new one. Far from it - it was civil, kind, and pointed out several areas where my article text overlapped known arguments from other people and was generally superfluous as well as several areas where my article was too curt and didn't actually spell out the new ideas sticking in it.

Also, making the relation of my results and those I rely on to the results of the Grand Old Man in applying [tex]A_\infty[/tex]-techniques in group cohomology explicit and discuss these in more detail was requested.

I know I couldn't expect to write The Perfect Article as my first submission ever. And it's not a flat out denial. And it brings constructive comments about how to make this a better article. Still, I think my ego needs a little bit of training to learn to cope with this part of the review process.