Politics and absences

First off, Alexander Borovik has been writing a couple of times about a REALLY nice-sounding mathematical village in Turkey.

And it turns out, the village got closed this summer, with the government officials citing "education without permission" as their reason to close it.

Alexander is sending a petition to the prime minister. You should sign it.

In other news, I'm currently just waiting for Monday to come along. Why Monday? Because that's the day I'm going back to Stockholm again. Once there, I'll spend a couple of weeks spending time with friends and family, and then I will go and vow fidelity and those other things. The 25th of August, in case you're about to ask.

All in all, this means that posting will be sparse if existent until mid-September - when I arrive, fresh out of my honeyforthnight, to Sydney; where the Magma research group host me for some 5-odd weeks. There I expect to have office space, an internet connection and a computer.

See y'all then.