Slumps and crunches

This term of teaching ends next week.

When I got back from T'bilisi, just over a month ago, I had research leads that I expect will end in three different publications.

I was slated with writing one LARP report for a swedish gaming magazine, and a series of various popular mathematics articles for the local student-run mathematics magazine here.

All in all, very many things converged this June/July for me.

It has started paying off though - the gaming article is published, and yesterday I submitted the first of the T'bilisi articles to the Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures as well as to the arXiv.

I now am listed on the arXiv with three papers, out of which one is already published, one is rejected (not unjustly so), and one is just submitted for review.

Note that the name changed for the last paper. I am cheating a very little bit - August 25th, I will marry the most marvelous woman I have ever met, and will - among other reasons for the sake of academic unicity - take her last name in addition to my own.

Aaaaanyway. This is my excuse for having missed .. what is it? three carnival issues?