Thesis written

In a mean push, these last two weeks my advisor has read three different drafts of my thesis. And I've worked on getting the corrections in quickly. The last push started yesterday, when I got a bunch of corrections in the morning, had the last draft ready at 4pm, and then sat reading it myself until 1am.

My advisor took it home with him, spent the evening on it, and had his batch of corrections in the morning.

Hence, today at 10-ish when I got myself in to the office, I had two batches of corrections in front of me, and a printer closing at 2pm. So I worked - and now, well, it's done.

That's it.

It'll get printed.

Then read.

In May, we should get all the comments back from the external examiners.

In July, I'll be up for two oral exams - one on homological algebra and its uses as invariants for commutative algebra; and one on parallell programming in cluster environments.

And on July 17th I plan to defend.

Damn - this is one heck of an adrenaline rush now.