Weekly Report: Parties and lectures

The term has started. In full force. No seating in the lunch cafeteria, lot's of people all over the place, lot's and lot's of new students, and lectures and examples classes kicking off all over the place.

I'm leading an example class this year: linear algebra and geometry part 1 for the maths majors. One of six different examples class sessions for the same course. And apparently, my good tradition of going out drinking with my students keeps up: I went to the exchange students term-start party last friday, and while partying with the swedes and finns of the scandinavian Stammtisch on the dance floor, a girl squeezes through the crowds past us and asks me in passing if I'm not the examples class teacher. Turns out she registered for my class.

First contact with the students is on tuesday morning.

In other news, it was 200 years since Napoleon fought the Prussians and Saxons at Jena-Auerstedt last weekend, and so I went up to the old battle ground and watched a reenactment. The French won. Again. But it was interesting to see a whole field get so covered in gunpowder smoke that you couldn't see to the other side.

I have submitted my first article to a journal as a result of my PhD. And I have received a first article to review for the Mathematical Reviews. Now I only have to read the thing. And write about it.

For those interested, my next Sweden visit is over christmas. I'm landing at Arlanda on the 20th of December, and leaving 10th of January.