Weekly Report: Preparing to leave

I left Jena going to Stockholm on Saturday. Thus, much of the week past has been spent in preparation for the trip - reading up on homotopical algebra; getting all the paperwork together and getting my things together for the trip.

Along with "Make sure you learn homotopical algebra" and "Get back primed and ready to teach when you come", I also was instructed by my advisor to get in touch with $MATHEMATICIAN, who currently resides at Mittag-Leffler and whom he knew from earlier. He is, I am told, very good, very knowledgeable and definitely a resource to be tapped if I should have any chance of it whatsoever.

I desperately, sincerely need to get a better cheap travel route to Jena. This trip now took me €150-170 somewhere, but had a travel time of more than 13 hours. There has GOT to be a better way to go.